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Give The World A Coke

In what has to be a play for the first ever NMHB sympathy award, check out this x-ray and it’s accompanying caption: “Dr. Abdul Manan, a surgeon at the Nishtar hospital in Multan, points to an x-ray of a glass bottle lodged in a man’s lower abdomen November 21, 2007. A 60-year-old man came to [...]

Giving Your Guitar Mojo In One Easy Step

Today’s entry is a tad unusual for NMHB, but definitely qualifies. I was doing some guitar research and ran across this entry of’s Q&A: Ooh, That Smell Source:

Is That A Grenade In Your Pocket, Or Are You – Oh, It’s a Grenade

I think this one sentence about sums up the salient points of today’s story passed along by Warren: “he then tried to put the pin back in the grenade, but instead it exploded“. Source: Reuters


Drunk driver + “habitual offender” + school bus = NMHB. Source: Fark

Schoolteacher Bears Brunt of Religious Backlash

A British teacher in Sudan has been arrested – for allowing the class of children to name their class teddy bear Muhammad. Several teachers complained and the teacher was arrested on charges of insulting the prophet of Islam. The children picked several names and voted on them, and 20 of 23 children selected the name [...]

Kids Having Trouble Concentrating In School? Send Them To A Camp!

Today’s NMHB is so out there that I honestly hope it’s a hoax. The Sun is reporting that a Russian man kept his family imprisoned for two years in a camp modeled after Auschwitz. The man’s wife and five children lived in squalor and harsh conditions, surrounded by barbed wire fencing and 20 ferocious guard [...]

T-Day: Except Now It’s Tear Gas and Trains

Not sure what’s worse: coming home to find your apartment full of tear gas, or having your stolen SUV hit by a train – TWICE. Source: Fark, Fark

Exploding Bladders And The Case of The Double-Drunk Crash

Count yourself lucky today that you don’t own Carpet Classic Floor Studio – two drunk drivers simultaneously lost control of their vehicles and crashed through the storefront of the business. In unrelated but just as surprising news, bladder explosions are on the rise, due to increased binge drinking. Woo hoo! Go modern, intelligent society! Source: [...]

On The Other Hand…

Bad: car accident. Worse: getting into a fight over it. Worse still: pulling a knife, getting it taken from you, and getting cut with your own knife. Bad: your finger was cut off. Worse: you get to the hospital that’s a leader in severed limb and digit reattachment, and they lose your finger (as in [...]

It’s Not Brain Surgery…Oh Wait, It Is Now

If you’re visiting Tanzania and need to have surgery, you better hope you don’t have the same first name as another patient. Otherwise, you might end up getting incredibly dangerous brain surgery to remove a non-existent tumor instead of a knee operation. Source: Fark