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Why You Should Stay in School & How To Show Your School Spirit

Well, my associate Jay Cross has already posted today’s NMHB but I just couldn’t resist adding this two-part illustration. First, why you should stay in school: so you can know the difference between right and left. I know what you’re thinking “well, anyone knows that” – well, evidently not the staff at a Karmanos Cancer [...]

Dismembered across multiple town lines

Many of us have experienced a fender-bender, but what about being thrown through your windshield, landing on the pavement, and being run over by so many cars that parts of your body get dragged across multiple town lines? It’s always a drag when that happens. At times like these, the fortunate among us should take [...]

Car Trouble

I think everyone has had days when your car breaks down, acts wonky, and you find yourself wondering if it’s possible for an inanimate object to hate you. That question may be one for the philosophers to answer, but if it’s possible for a car to hate someone, this guy sure has a strong case: [...]

Out Of The Frying Pan…

I think I can safely say I’ve found today’s winner, courtesy of fark: No Really, It Can Get Worse Executive Summary: Woman has heart attack, EMTs resuscitate her successfully, bringing her back from the brink of death. In the process of giving her CPR to save her life, she ends up with broken ribs. While [...]

More from the archives

A couple more gems from the archives: Man Killed By Trouser Snake Five Killed in “Sewage Tsunami” (Bonus: Slideshow) -Jay Source: Bangkok Post, BBC

Would-be Burglar “A Cut Above” The Rest

Incompetence in the criminal realm is nothing new (after all, see yesterday’s Blind UN-Lucky post). But, courtesy of fark and we have the story of one criminal whose incompetence will no longer be an issue. The would-be burglar fell and cut his own throat on jagged glass while trying to climb in the window [...]

Blind UN-Lucky…

Everyone has had days when you just can’t seem to do anything right, but on the bright side, at least the odds are pretty low that you’ll be shot by a 75-year-old blind man while trying to break into his house. -Jay #1 Source: Fark

From the archives…

For our first installment, here are a few past issues of No Matter How Bad Your Day Was: Monkeys Attack Delhi Politician Think You’re Pissed Off? Try Being Pissed On -Jay #1

Hello world!

Frist Post!!!1!!ELEVEN! I’ve been thinking about starting this little blog anyway, and I’ve just now gotten around to it in a bizarre failure to procrastinate and be lazy. So, what is this site, other than YAWB (Yet Another WordPress Blog)? Quite simply, I’ve noticed in the past few months that almost every day I run [...]