No Matter How Bad Your Day Was…

…It Wasn’t This Bad

Well, That Socks

Today’s entry is a special for all the dog owners out there. I think we’ve all had our dogs eat something they weren’t supposed to, destroy a treasured possession we thought was out of reach, or otherwise make a mess in the house. However, I think Kevin Koritza gets the prize (or more accurately, his Labrador Retriever “Becca”), for eating the same sock twice:

One black dress sock ended up costing Greenwood Village resident Kevin Koritza $2,500, a very sick dog and a chance to claim the inaugural Veterinary Pet Insurance Hambone Award.

Becca, Koritza’s young Labrador retriever, ate her master’s dress sock last year. As a result, Becca grew increasingly sicker and was “splashing liquids out of both ends” five days after eating the $2 sock. When Koritza was going to the pet store to buy a different kind of dog food for Becca in hopes of curing her then-undiagnosed ailment, Koritza’s dad called saying the dog had puked out a sock and was going to be just fine.

But Kortiza’s dad didn’t pick up the sock. And by the time Koritza got home, Becca ate the vomit-soaked clothing accessory back up again.

Seriously? Eating a sock twice is bad enough, but the same sock? $2500 to learn to pick up your clothes is definitely what I’d call a bad day.

Source: Fark

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