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Granny liked violets? How nice.

You don’t? Oops! Seems that Grandma Marge’s favorite flower was a violet. After her death, some of her ashes were planted into a violet in honor of her. And a few days ago, she was sold at a yard sale. Read the whole story.

If you gotta go, you might as well screw up everyone else’s day, too

Apparently Pennsbury PA is a prime place for a perturbed person to perpetrate perishing. ‘Cheryl Whiteley, who moved to the neighborhood two years ago, said it usually is quiet. “This is the most activity I’ve ever seen here,” she said. “I just wish they would tell us what’s going on.”‘ Another neighbor, Raymond Heller ‘who [...]

Hungary for a bad time

From Reuters.. A toxic red sludge spill from an alumina plant in western Hungary reached the Danube river on Thursday and crews were trying to dilute it to protect the major European waterway. Tibor Dobson, a spokesman for Hungarian disaster crews, said there were no reports of fish death in the Raba and Mosoni-Danube rivers [...]

Honey, did you pay that bill I put on your desk?

The South Fulton Fire Department responded to a call in the County, putting out one fire, but letting another house burn to the ground because the Cranick family didn’t renew their 75 dollar fire service subscription. “This tragedy was not the fault of the South Fulton Fire Department or the City of South Fulton, but [...]

Jack o’ lanterns try escape their fate

The owner of a farm in Newbury, Vt., says drenching rains washed as many as 100,000 pumpkins into the Connecticut River. The pumpkins had been picked and were waiting to be shipped when storms hit the area during the weekend. Estimated the total loss at 100,000 pumpkins. About 4,000 made it at least 25 miles [...]

What does happen when in irresistable force meets and immovable object?

Well, in the case of freight train vs tornado, it’s tornado 1, freight train 0. The AP reports on this. “Two tornadoes touched down in northern Arizona early Wednesday, derailing 28 cars of a parked freight train, blowing semis off the highway and smashing out the windows of dozens of homes.” Fortunately, the two crew [...]