No Matter How Bad Your Day Was…

…It Wasn’t This Bad

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Hanging Out With The Guys

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “hanging out at the park”, a man is recovering in a hospital (lucky slob) after an attempt to film a “mock hanging” got a little too realistic. The man and a friend were filming a fake hanging stunt – it seems almost needless to point out that [...]

Fraternal Attraction

Many people, particularly in this country, have marriage problems. But on the bright side, no matter how bad your marriage may be, odds are you didn’t unknowingly marry your twin sibling. Source:  CNN

Caught Red-Handed. Er….No-Handed

Yahoo! News brings us news from the AP that a man cut off and microwaved his own hand, because it “bore the mark of the beast”. Odds are good that on your worst day you probably never put a tourniquet on your arm, cut off your hand with a saw, and microwaved it. Source: Yahoo! [...]

Mom, Look What I Did!

I think every parent has probably had at least one experience with having their child say “Mom/Dad, look what I did!” and subsequently really wishing they hadn’t looked. Such is the case when your son says “come look what I did in the garage” and you go out there to find the dead body of [...]

“Vomiting Bug Sweeps…” – Headlines You Could Do Without

As the title says, there are some headlines you just don’t want to see. For instance: Winter Vomiting Bug Sweeps UK – that’s gotta be the start to a good day, right? Source: Reuters