No Matter How Bad Your Day Was…

…It Wasn’t This Bad

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Youngest Murder Case Ever?

In what may be a candidate for the youngest murderer ever, a 2-year-old shot a man with a loaded gun left sitting on a table. Sure, they tell you it’s just an accident, but that’s just what the defense lawyers want you to think! Seriously though, how about some responsible behavior when we’re working with [...]

Boston Feels The Heat

Literally – a 10,000 gallon tanker full of gasoline crashed in Boston, starting a blaze that engulfed 40 cars and burned hot enough to melt light poles. Amazingly, no one was hurt, but somehow I get the feeling the driver of that tanker is having a really bad day. Source: Fark

The Limitless Versatility of Sliced Bread

I can think of some pretty bad ways to end a day, but I have to admit that being attacked by a rabid fox didn’t even make my list, let alone having to fight it off with the only weapon at hand – a loaf of bread. Seriously. Source: Fark