No Matter How Bad Your Day Was…

…It Wasn’t This Bad

Honey, did you pay that bill I put on your desk?

The South Fulton Fire Department responded to a call in the County, putting out one fire, but letting another house burn to the ground because the Cranick family didn’t renew their 75 dollar fire service subscription.

“This tragedy was not the fault of the South Fulton Fire Department or the City of South Fulton, but rather the fault was the failure of the Cranick family to not pay that subscription,” said Hornbeak Fire Chief Bob Reavis.

Todd Cranick, the son of the homeowners, came to the press conference to share his outrage, “[They] took an oath. Every chief took an oath. To serve. To do they best they can.”

Reavis said the problem is the subscription system. Obion County does not have fire protection. So, County residents who want it can subscribe to the nearby city’s fire department.

Both Reavis and Cranick agree the system doesn’t work. Reavis says budgets don’t allow them to respond to fires at homes with unpaid subscriptions.

“People need to understand that houses are going to burn. It’s not what I want. It’s not what they want,” he says.

A furious Cranick responded, “Are you aware that my neighbor was standing there with an open check book and told them to put it out no matter what it cost. My dad with an open check book, it’s not like the money wasn’t there. 75 dollars versus 10 thousand which would you rather have?”

Cranick points out this was not a matter of simply not responding, the firemen were already there putting out the fire that had spread to the next door neighbors, who were paid up.

“This country has gone to crap. There are no morals anymore. People don’t look after their neighbor like they should,” he said.

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