No Matter How Bad Your Day Was…

…It Wasn’t This Bad

Hungary for a bad time

From Reuters..

A toxic red sludge spill from an alumina plant in western Hungary reached the Danube river on Thursday and crews were trying to dilute it to protect the major European waterway.

Tibor Dobson, a spokesman for Hungarian disaster crews, said there were no reports of fish death in the Raba and Mosoni-Danube rivers affected by the spill earlier, but all fish had died in the smaller Marcal River, which was hit first.

Crews were working to reduce the alkalinity of the spill, which poured from the containment reservoir of an alumina plant on Monday and tore through local villages, killing four people and injuring over 150. Three people were still reported missing.

Apparently, the dam didn’t show signs of fatigue… and yet it still dumped their millions of gallons of crud into a local town, and now into a major waterway. Whoever the inspector on that job was, I’m sure now is looking for new employment. Maybe as a demolitions expert.

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