No Matter How Bad Your Day Was…

…It Wasn’t This Bad

Why You Should Stay in School & How To Show Your School Spirit

Well, my associate Jay Cross has already posted today’s NMHB but I just couldn’t resist adding this two-part illustration. First, why you should stay in school: so you can know the difference between right and left. I know what you’re thinking “well, anyone knows that” – well, evidently not the staff at a Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. Seems they treated the wrong side of cancer patient’s brain with a “gamma knife”. So kids, remember: stay in school!

Source: Fark


I promised you a two-parter, so here it is. While you’re in school learning left from right, be sure to show your school spirit at sporting events. Say, by running over a cheerleader with the entire football team (warning: video goodness).

Source: CNN

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