No Matter How Bad Your Day Was…

…It Wasn’t This Bad

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More Extreme Training

I thought for sure we’d covered this under our previous post A Dash Of Extreme Training, but obviously some people haven’t gotten the message yet: when you argue with a train, you always lose – even if you’re “just being silly”. Source: Fark

Lethal Hugs

You know, some people have it rough growing up, they never get a chance to hug their dad. Then there’s Debbie Brewer – she got incurable asbestos-related cancer from hugging her father when he came home from work. Source: Fark

The Ever-Dangerous Cockatoo

Oh, I know what you’re thinking – half of you are thinking “but cockatoos aren’t dangerous!”. The other half are thinking “what the hell is a cockatoo?”. Anyway, if you’re thinking that a cockatoo can’t be dangerous, then today’s story will make you reconsider. A man died after falling from a tree while trying to [...]

One-Foot-High Great Wall Of Bavaria

If you live in Obereichstaett, Bavaria and something’s bugging you, it’s probably just the yearly march of hundreds of thousands of millipedes crawling through your village. The solution? Build a one foot high wall around the entire village, of course (no, seriously). Just remember, no matter how bad your day is bugging you, it’s probably [...]

Repeat After Me: A Shotgun Is Not A Hammer

A man was severely injured (read: shot in both legs) when he fired a full load of double-ought buck shot at a wheel…because he couldn’t get the lug nut loose. Remember kids, a shotgun is a dangerous weapon, not to be used as a hammer or a wrench, unless you want to end up featured [...]

One Man, One Vote. One Woman, Er…No Vote?

Man runs for city councilman and loses by one vote – bad day. Man loses election by one vote and it turns out his wife forgot to vote – classic NMHB fodder. Source: Fark

Never Bring A Taser To A Gun Fight, And Other Life Lessons

There’s an old saying, “never bring a knife to a gunfight” – well, an Atlanta man learned the hard way not to bring a stun gun to a carjacking. The victim shocked his carjacker with the stun gun, and was shot five times in response to his trouble. Source: Fark

Body Trouble (With A Dash of Extreme Training)

Gina Partington of Greater Manchester has had quite the week. Her son’s body was found, she formally identified it as her son, and the body was cremated on October 30th. Except that her son was found alive in Nottingham four days earlier. It’s not clear whose body was cremated or why the police failed to [...]

And You Think YOU Get Inconvenienced When The Airline Loses Your Luggage…

I really don’t think I can do much better than Fark’s existing submitter headline for this story: Wheelchair athlete misses New York Marathon because airline lost his wheelchair – AGAIN Source: Fark

Man’s Immigration Detention Stay “Cut Short” By Cancer

A Salvadorian man is suing the United States government after he was allegedly denied sufficient medical attention while in immigration detention. He alleges that his cancer would not have become terminal and he would not have had to have his penis amputated. if he had been provided proper care while being kept at the Immigration [...]